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      While the AFWS display allows for the use of interactive toggles with the image, AFWS data can also be utilized within GIS software. This page links to "Shapefiles" and "KMZ" files which are compressed "KML" files compatible with several GIS software applications. A list of some of the software applications that support Shapefiles and KML can be found here. Or, visit the NWS website Standards Description Website which explains KML in more detail.

      Observed Shapefiles and KML Files



      Right Arrow Flash Flood Guidance (FFG) data in Shapefile format

      Right Arrow Flash Flood Guidance (FFG) Text Products

      Right Arrow Federal Hydrologic Radio Licensing Workshop

      Flash Flood Guidance (FFG): Forecast guidance produced by the River Forecast Centers, often model output, specific to the potential for flash flooding (e.g., how much rainfall over a given area will be required to produce flash flooding).

      Right Arrow National 1-Day Precipitation Analysis

      Right Arrow National Hourly Precipitation Analysis (experimental)

      Right Arrow NWS Watches, Warnings, and Advisories RSS Feeds


      Right Arrow AFWS Website User Guide

      Right Arrow Hydrologic Radio Frequency License Guide

      Right Arrow AFWS Network Sensor List CSV Format

      CSV File Format: The format of the CSV file is as follows:
      WFO, State, County, County FIPS, Location Name, NWSLID, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Sensor Type, Timezone

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